Rice Milk Porridge

Well, today I don’t do fasting and I’m very hungry, there’s no fckn food in my house then I remembered I’ve watch Kaeun’s and E-young’s cooking class look-a-like on youtube, why don’t I trying? So I want to share to you all this my almost favorite food ㅋㅋㅋ~


Ingredients : 

1. Milk 

2. Water

3. Rice 

Its pretty simple aight~ 

Well I don’t know the dose so you can estimate it by yourself otl


How To Make Rice Milk Porridge 


1. You have to mix the water ands rice together, you can use blender to do it.

2. After you mix the water and rice you can mix it together with milk in the pot 

3. Use the low gas if you don’t want get your hand hurt ( in my case lol )

4. Keep stir it until the porridge thick and frothy 

5. You got your Rice Milk Porridge!!!!

Oh I forget, you can add sugar to the porridge when the porridge already done, don’t add any sugar or salt when you still stir the porridge.


So that’s all, its so easy to make it at home when you fckn hungry orz