just smile

fakesmileits a bit rude, its about my bestfriend. i don’t think she was stealing my crush. but when she and him were together I feel if you know what i feel dude.

It just makes me feels like a totally jerk when I’m in front of him. Now I can see that she wants him so bad and I don’t know abt him. Maybe they wanna go together or somewhat I don’t understand.

I just need time to think about this, she always claps and laugh cheerfully in front of him. Now that girl was single, I feel she want to be single because she wants my crush.

But I’m not sure.. That girl, is my bestfriend. And that girl, is so childish. I think she has a childish heart not attitude. Whatevs


sister or..?

I just hate my sister so damn much! 


that’s why i hate her, I just want her to feel what I feel, not joking at me and hurt my feeling

That was very rude, even tho I love her but I really not sure about loving her further more day by day.

How do you feel when your sister or brother buy a thing that we can’t buy bcs mom or dad tells they doesn’t have a money but in the next day they were buying our sister or brother that thing? sigh


I know I’m jealous and angry but today me and mom was arguing bcs i don’t know why, it just happen pmsl. And I know my sister buy that by her own money from mom. It just silly.


sobs sobs sobs 


I just can’t handle this